Finding Your Soilmate At Snakeroot Botanicals

New herbalism shop Snakeroot Botanicals is digging into the trend of lush tropical and edible plants. The owners of Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square opened the doors to Snakeroot next door as an immersive experience of all things urban gardening. Even from the street view, it’s reminiscent of a greenhouse with its rows of plants and hanging baskets on the other side of the apothecary’s towering windows. Upon entering, you’ll encounter a unique variety of indoor plants (including everyone’s favorite, the mini Monstera, with its Swiss-cheesy split leaves), seed saccules, medicinal and culinary herbs, and CBD products from house brand Heartland Hemp & Supply Co. New plant parents will find insightful herbology and gardening books, as well as ready-to-go sets to minimize growing pains. The back half of the shop has outdoor plants along with all the tools and materials to help you tend your patch. The future for your backyard is definitely looking greener.