Hot List: Queen Bee Vintage, Agrarian, Lesley Jane & More

Stylish Stuff We’re Loving Right Now

The Hot List is a weekly roundup of our very favorite Instagram finds.
This vintage transistor radio has us thinking of summer and humming “Brown-Eyed Girl.” $35. Queen Bee Vintage, 111 E. 16th St., 317-916-8125

One of those innocently “oh-am-I-sexy?” dresses—always in style. $128. Beauty + Grace, Carmel City Center, 317-564-0687

A sellout outfit, and we can see why. Tank, $54; skirt, $64. Lesley Jane, 150 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317-873-9999

Father’s Day is a week from Sunday. For all those Bloody Mary–lovin’ dads out there, Agrarian presents: the perfect cocktail kit. Indiana Pickle Co. pickles, $12; Wilks & Wilson Bloody Mary Mixture, $10.99; Bread and Badger pint glass, $18. Agrarian, 1051 E. 54th St., 317-493-1166

Love the jeans, and while we’re at it, can we have those skates, too? $98. 14 Districts, Carmel City Center