My Look: Will Chalker’s Zebra Jacket

The best Zoobilation look ever goes to Angie’s List advertising rep Will Chalker for the animalesque dinner jacket he wore last year. He might break all fashion rules and bust it out again for this month’s shindig—and who could blame him?

What’s the story behind this wild jacket?
It was my dad’s. He wore it to Zoobilation—shoot, probably back in 1992. It was a one-time thing. He had it specially made.

Was he a fun guy?
Definitely. He passed away when I was young. He was a chiropractor in Broad Ripple. Since I’m the only guy in my family, I don’t have to fight anyone for his clothes. He had a couple of amazing retro ski jackets, too.

Best comment from the party?
I heard a lot of “Right on, man! You go!” It was my first time. Walking through the door, I could tell it was going to be a fun night with people making comments like that.

What other get-ups did you see?
There was a lot of tuxedo-shorts action. Everyone went all out. It really makes the night more fun.

Did your dry-cleaner comment on the jacket?
No. I kind of hid it among other things.

I guess it’s silly to ask what you’ll wear to Zoobilation this month.
I might try to one-up last year’s theme. Maybe I’ll get coats with different animal prints.