Shoptalk: Stylestop

Carmel’s top clothing boutique gets a Cali-style makeover.

Want a business idea? Mash up a Mercedes van with an established Carmel boutique specializing in sleek ladies’ fashion. Or don’t—because Becca Hanson already has. The coolly chic owner of 14 Districts has shifted the direction of her sophisticated Main Street store to a beachier iteration called Stylestop. In what is becoming a trend, the concept started off mobile: Last year, Hanson revved up the Stylestop fashion truck, which traveled to Austin, Atlanta, and beyond, and was met with enough enthusiasm that she decided to give her flagship shop a new spin. (Hanson’s City Center stores, 14 Districts Weekend and Blue Bar, cruise along as usual.) Prices are now below $100, and if the 14 Districts look was classic Claire Underwood, Stylestop is more Robin Wright as Jen-nay in Forrest Gump: Out with lethal blouses and polished dresses, in with Daydreamer distressed tees ($68), Hollywood-favorite William Rast denim cutoffs ($88), and Lovestitch maxi dresses ($68). Summer can officially begin. 110 W. Main St., Carmel, 317-818-4585