Mona Isn’t Your Average Head Shop

Mona plays up its postmodern feminism to let you know this is not your father's head shop
Mona, 977 Hosbrook St.

MONA ISN’T like other head shops—and that’s exactly how co-owners Jessie Eskew and Mary James envisioned it. On the outskirts of Fountain Square, the minimalistic cannabis-lifestyle store feels like a stylish friend’s living room. Connoisseurs and newbies alike peruse shelves of translucent glass pipes, CBD creams for eczema, and Fluff’s gummies. Shoppers can find out what is or isn’t in any CBD product by scanning a QR code to pull up a third-party lab test report.

Mona interior shot, a table display

Not into CBD? Mona stocks Japanese incense sticks, blankets, tarot cards, and CBD-cannabis-free munchies. Eskew, who also owns Onatah General, teamed up with James and fellow Mona co-owners Charlee Black, Rebekah Nolan, and Shaneka Pedersen to create a space free of judgment and open to curiosity, stocked with products from women- and minority-owned businesses, plus vegan, gluten-free, and pesticide-free options. Relax in a vintage swivel chair and admire the periwinkle-hued, floor-to-ceiling mural and the freeform book display table. 

Favorite things scouted at Mona
➊ Dope Soak CBD bath bomb, $15 ➋ Botanique reversible robe, $72 ➌ CBD & Chill, a self-care recipe book, $22.95 ➍ Glass pipe, $52