New at Fashion Mall: Paper Source

Here’s a store that pushes the envelope on fun festivities.

Whether you’re the type of hostess to whip up garlands for every occasion or someone who can’t cut a straight line, Paper Source’s stationery and craft supplies will inspire you to start planning clambakes and game nights. How could I use these owl placecard kits? you’ll find yourself wondering. And who even knew personalized placemats exist? More practically, if you bought a gift elsewhere in The Fashion Mall, bring it here to be wrapped; fine handmade stock hanging on the wall like tapestry gives book covers the sumptuous feel of fabric. The store’s heart and soul, however, is in the color wall dominating the back. Organized by shade and size, it offers endless combinations for designing save-the-date cards or baby-shower invites, including petal envelopes in poppy-orange ($7.50 each). Don’t fear this store if you’re a novice crafter. If there’s a new project you’d like to try, such as heat embossing, an employee will let you choose a paper and a stamp and then demonstrate how a heat tool melts embossing powder at 650 degrees.  

The Fashion Mall, 317-819-0238,

This article appeared in the June 2014 issue.