Shoptalk: French Pharmacie Flea

One of Broad Ripple’s iconic boutiques makes a comeback as French Pharmacie Flea.

Tony Valainis

Danny Cheshire’s Broad Ripple boutique French Pharmacie Flea occupies the same location as the bygone French Pharmacie emporium that brought us designer denim and European antiques a decade ago. But the only thing that lives on from the predecessor is the name. Cheshire’s new venture, which he opened with business partner Heather Price, is more like a glamorous gardening garage sale—with the junk weeded out. The Hoosier hairstylist had long dreamed of curating a lifestyle shop, so when the space next to his French Pharmacie Salon became available, he began combing estate sales and auctions and came away with porcelain peacocks, mushroom salt-and-pepper shakers, and midcentury-modern furniture. And it turns out that he’s just as handy with soil as he is with a pair of shears—he makes the shop’s Star Wars terrariums. Punny greeting cards add a trendy touch to the rustic repository, starting with a positively presidential proclamation that “You Barack My World.”

French Pharmacie Flea
823½ E. Westfield Blvd., 317-251-9182

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