A French-Inspired, Neoclassical Decor Shop In Englewood

Inside Englewood’s Arabella Home.

Spring is all about new life, and that’s exactly what’s happening in an otherwise shopping dead zone along East Washington from downtown to Irvington. A former liquor store in the Englewood neighborhood is home to a French-inspired, neoclassical decor shop, Arabella Home. Owner Francoise Edwards spruced up the exterior with fresh black and white paint and softened its edges with flower pots and window boxes. Inside, smooth music drowns out nearby traffic, the smell of Parisian perfumes tickles the nose, and locally made jewelry from Vernice Davis dazzles the eye. Upholstered furniture anchors the space filled out with arrangements of appealing little chests and quirky antiques on tables and shelves, which make for charming treasure-hunting for gracious home essentials like table linens, cloches, candlesticks, individual soup tureens, and decorative pitchers. Edwards hopes Arabella grows enough to provide employment to the community and contribute to the local economy. It’s a dream as beautiful as the store itself.