Shoptalk: Willa Gray Home

Willa Gray Home

Tony Valainis

Browsing Willa Gray Home, located on a leafy Broad Ripple street, presents a rich sensory experience: the scent of high-end fragrance emitting from opulent glass candles; the vision of its SoCal-reminiscent setting with white walls basking in natural light; the feel of textural decadence across earth-toned woolen textiles, one-of-a-kind carved wooden chairs, and smooth-to-the-touch pottery sourced from all ends of the earth. Owner Mandy Skelton, an interior designer, has reinvented her shop, formerly called H. Josephine Home, to offer new, rare objects as well as antiques. Standout pieces include an intricate oak chair circa 1890, dramatically tall handwoven baskets in designs based on pre-Colombian art, amber-colored vases from the Henan province of China, and a midcentury Cesare Lacca tiered bar cart from Italy, perfectly staged with crystal glasses waiting for a pour of the finest liqueur. You won’t leave with just something superb for your home, but also a severe case of wanderlust to explore from whence it came.

Willa Gray Home
6516 Carrollton Ave., 317-756-9148

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