The Hot List 12.20.13

Stylish News and Notables

Holdin’ Down the Fort

Amidst the flurry of golden-flecked wrapping paper and the commercial veneer of Christmas, it’s important that we remember what the holidays are really about—not what is around the tree but rather who’s around it. For their part, top Hoosier style-and-home blogger Erin Loechner and her husband latched onto the opportunity and erected their own holiday getaway: a gossamer Christmas tent. Nestled in their unfinished basement, the tranquil fort—furnished with teacup lights, downy blankets, and a projector for watching movies—is a cozy alternative to the overblown displays that often accompany the season. See more photos of the Loechners’ perfect little retreat on the blog, Design for Mankind.
Haus It Going?
Haus Love not only has new digs, it also has one of the best blogs in town. While some boutiques let their online presence fade out after a few posts, Haus regularly updates the blog on its website with big photos of home-decor items and clothing, like this Love Stitches tank. The series of gift guide posts is perfect right now, with December frost affronting pea coats everywhere. Browse before you make the trip to the Broad Ripple store—and you’ll definitely want to for that fabulous Kim White passport cover. 5901 N. College Ave., 317-601-6521,

Frosty the Bowman
There’s something chilling about the pop-up shop at 715 Dorman Street. Literally—as soon as you enter the more-than-100-year-old space, the cold greets you, shimmying down your spine and inciting you to cross your arms in opposition. Yet hardy patrons are rewarded with the sight of the antiques shop’s fashionable owner, Kristofer Bowman, bundled up like a chimney sweep with a great sense of style. We love the chunky wool fingerless gloves always paired with a blazer and usually a bow tie, a reminder that one can insulate and still remain fashion-savvy. Pop by The Inventorialist and see for yourself. 715 Dorman St., 317-513-7802.