The Shopportunist: O Christmas Tee

The only one you need this year.

We thought we’d seen as many Indy-pride tees as local hipsters could dream up—the simple-and-classic 317, the fanciful Indianapolis flags, the sassy slogans. Love ’em. But surely the last thing we need now is yet another shirt showing off just how much Naptowners love their city?

Turns out, we do. And it’s here. Behold, dear readers, the sight of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, all decked out for the holidays, on super-soft heathered cotton. The Brick Shirthouse tees come in unisex (shown here) and more fitted women’s styles, all $20 at IndySwank (1043 Virginia Ave., 317-632-6440). 

It’s the coolest local holiday tee since the Ugly Christmas Sweater:

… which, should you fancy one, is $24 at Vardagen (8684 E. 116th St., Fishers), which has a temporary kiosk at Castleton Square Mall for seasonal shoppers.

Happy (comfy) holidays!