Wanted: Carousel Bags

Armed and dangerous.
For purse junkies already stocked with the It brands, Carousel Bags is spinning out a solution. The online shopping service, based just south of Muncie, is a gateway to hundreds of hard-to-find styles from indie designers around the world—and the brainchild of Hoosier Irene Martz. All the bags retail for $120 or more, but for a subscription of $29 per month, you can have a steady supply of clutches, satchels, and totes, all sophisticated in style and structure.

First you add a few to your “rotation,” which acts as a sort of wish list. One selection ships to you right away, with each monthly payment going toward its price. When it’s paid off, you get another bag from the list. To skip the wait, pony up your balance and carry on. Pictured: Nat & Nin “Tereza” bags.