Street Savvy: Butler-Tarkington

Children run around a playground that features a futuristic climbing orb.
Tarkington Park

Photo by Tony Valainis

Haven Yoga Studio (309 W. 42nd St.) opened its doors in March to foster a safe space where black women and other mindful members of marginalized groups can practice as they are. On Sundays, the Community Love Yoga class runs $5 as a suggested donation.

Transplanted tri-staters (NY, NJ, PA) flock to Hoagies & Hops (4155 Boulevard Pl., 317-426-5731) for real-deal hoagies and cheesesteaks, “imported” South Jersey bread, and Pennsylvania Dutch meats and sides. Hip to cultural exchange? Try the house red-beet-pickled eggs. Hops are provided under the same roof courtesy of Chilly Water Tap Room, where ordering a beer becomes a game of name that ’70s tune. If their Blood on the Tracks IPA or Highway to Helles Munich lager gets you crooning, you know you’re old enough for a pint.

More than half of the condos at Tarkington Tower (4000 N. Meridian St., 317 925-5511) have seen new ownership since 2010 as the building has re-emerged with brilliantly upgraded units and shared spaces. There’s still room to pursue your own taste of the high life—ideally on an upper floor facing west for a supreme sunset view.

If the Jetsons lived in Indy, you’d find them at Tarkington Park (45 W. 40th St., 317-327-7275). The space got a futuristic makeover with sculpturesque equipment, climbing spheres, playable chimes, and a spray ground. If you’ve outgrown all that—pity—look for an empty porch swing. BRICS ice cream shop just opened a location here.

The walls at The Melody Inn (3826 N. Illinois St., 317-923-4707) don’t just talk—they sing. This implacable establishment has been jamming since 1935, is open seven days a week, and is best-known now for hosting Punk Rock Night each Saturday. Post up at a leather half-moon booth that hails from Indy’s legendary Tee Pee restaurant.