10 People Who Have Eaten At The Indiana Cafe In Paris


Feels like home even when I’m in Paris! #hoosier

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If you make good on your plans to hop on that new nonstop Delta flight from Indy to Charles de Gaulle Airport that everyone is talking about, chances are you’ll stumble across Indiana Cafe, a Tex-Mex restaurant. There are 18 locations around and outside of Paris, in busy, central areas like the Latin Quarter and the Bastille. They even sell merchandise that says “Indiana.” Hoosiers visiting Paris get a kick out of taking a photo of the sign, but assume it would un horreur to eat at a place that serves nachos and mozzarella sticks. But not so fast. These people, including actual cool Parisians, don’t look embarrassed.


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Cinematography Classmates reunited,

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After Anthony Kavanagh show, direct went to Indiana Restaurant #drink

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My ” Prettier than you ” face.

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But most Americans are like…


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