Who’s Afraid Of The Curbless Shower?

A curbless shower


You’re familiar with walk-in closets, so why not enjoy that same easy access in the bathroom? Curbless showers are trending in the design world, transforming bathrooms into unencumbered, modern spaces that should be at the top of your list if you’re remodeling to sell. Also called zero-entry showers, curbless means there’s no lip or pan to step into, and the area can be enclosed with glass panels or left completely open to the rest of the room. Cool looks aside, the design also offers peace of mind for those with mobility concerns, as it’s safer than having to step over an edge.

Local remodeler and design studio A\co has seen a surge in the popularity of this style as clients revive their bathrooms. If you’re worried about water going everywhere, don’t be. “With a well-planned and properly installed drain that is graded to the center or back of the shower, this shouldn’t be a problem,” says A\co’s Keriann Logan. The company’s studio and showroom at Hub & Spoke, a new home-design center in Fishers, is a good place to test the waters—
visually, anyway.