Carrier’s Parent Company Gets ‘Berned’

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders blasted United Technologies today at a Statehouse rally and march organized to protest recent layoffs at the company’s Carrier plant in Indianapolis.

“The greed of UT is almost unbelievable,” Sanders told a crowd of supporters and union members. “You really can’t make this up. They have no shame. They have no sense of embarrassment.”

Campaigning in the state ahead of Indiana’s May 3 primary, Sanders joined prominent Hoosier Democrats and local and national labor leaders at the event, including Senator Joe Donnelly and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Trumka remarked that Governor Mike Pence’s endorsement earlier in the day of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, also in town campaigning for the primary and trailing GOP rival Donald Trump in the national race for delegates, was akin to “taking a lease out on the Titanic after it was hit by an iceberg.”

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg, who also spoke at the rally, accused Pence of “wanting to go into the doctor’s office” with Indiana women, a reference to the governor’s support of controversial reproductive-rights legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly.

Gregg also revealed that he and Trumka had cheeseburgers together 20 years ago at Workingman’s Friend, the dive/landmark on the west side of Indy.


Adam Wren contributed to this article.