Flashback Photo: Happy Birthday, Angela Buchman!

Forget Storm from the X-Men: This real-life “Mistress of the Elements” recently touched down at WTHR.

Indeed, it is WTHR Channel 13 weather queen Angela Buchman’s birthday. This catalyzes in us a call for celebration, and not just because we at IM love cake. We’ve been taken by her presence ever since she shot an iconic “Best of Indy” cover with us for the December 2003 issue of the magazine. See that cover here—and note the birthday shout-out below (one of many) that she received on Twitter today from a colleague:
(Oh, by the way, it’s getting colder outside.)
We’re not quite sure how many years young she is—”30s,” she told us a few years back—but, all the same, it’s time we all left our gigs for the day, headed to one of Indy’s best bars, and sipped a tasty drink. Preferably a Dark and Stormy.

Photo by Tony Valainis
; styling by David Reilich; wardrobe courtesy Saks Fifth Avenue; makeup by Mary Miller, David & Mary; hair by Micki Stirsman, Salon 01; handmade background by Walter Knabe; snow globe provided by Tim Downs.