Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina: Going for Broke in Indy

Trailing Donald Trump in the delegate count by a wide margin, GOP presidential aspirant Ted Cruz chose Indianapolis as the site of a bold campaign maneuver today, naming former rival Carly Fiorina as his prospective running mate should he somehow pry the Republican nomination from Trump’s clutches. Such a move has not been seen in presidential politics since August 1976, when Ronald Reagan, trailing incumbent President Gerald Ford, named Pennsylvania Sen. Richard Schweiker as his running mate ahead of a contested convention in Kansas City.

Meanwhile, Trump was taping a town hall with Greta Van Susteren for Fox News a few blocks away, before motoring off to his second rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Will the excitement generated by Cruz’s announcement, made in a triumphant address at Pan Am Plaza, be enough to turn Indiana’s May 3 primary in his favor—along with the few primaries that remain after that?

Adam Wren contributed to this article.