Guerin Catholic High School: What It Means To Be A Golden Eagle

“We strongly believe in the role athletics plays in the development of a young person’s life and its lasting impact. We have a tremendous opportunity to help student-athletes discover their roles and abilities while being challenged and pushed to be the best version of themselves. Guerin Catholic is proud to have phenomenal student-athletes, transformative coaches, and a supportive community.”

Mr. Ryan Davis, Guerin Catholic High School Athletics Director 

Guerin Catholic High School provides not only a quality academic experience for its students, but also a wide range of extracurricular activities that are vital to personal growth and progress. In addition to special-interest clubs that foster creativity and build social and leadership skills, the three-season sports program provides an excellent opportunity for enrollees to develop mentally, physically, and spiritually and instills valuable traits like teamwork, morality, sportsmanship, discipline, and time management. As its central mission, the school’s athletic department strives to “assist student athletes in achieving their God-given potential while modeling the vision of Guerin Catholic High School—Lead with Humility, Serve with Love, and Trust in Providence.”

Starting with football, soccer, and cross country in the fall and progressing through winter basketball, swimming, and hockey, and spring baseball, lacrosse, and track, Guerin offers a full array of options for its male and female athletes. All students at the Noblesville high school are encouraged to play more than one sport as long as they maintain their grades and adhere to attendance and conduct policies. To ensure the health and safety of all participants, Guerin has a registered strength and conditioning coach on staff and partners with Franciscan Health for training and medical needs. 

Just as it takes a village to raise children, Guerin Catholic’s booster club supports and celebrates all the Golden Eagle teams through special events, volunteer opportunities, financial donations, scholarships, and recognition. The Golden Eagle Club offers membership at multiple levels with perks like sports passes, apparel, car decals, and other gifts. This is a great way for friends, relatives, and community members to get involved and help Guerin’s Golden Eagles take flight.

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