Journey To Italy

woman's hand and face displaying a diamond ring and earringNO NEED to pack a passport because Dan Moyer and Moyer Fine Jewelers are bringing Italy to you at their illustrious Carmel store on October 28–29.

“This celebration of Italy is all about immersing our clients in the whole culture,” Moyer says. “Outside in a lavish tent complete with chandeliers, Italian cars, and Ducati motorcycles, we will be sampling premier Italian wines, conducting pasta-making demonstrations, and tasting incredible handmade gelato and desserts. And, of course, inside we will be highlighting what we believe is the best assortment of Italian jewelry in the Midwest.”

Moyer, a local jeweler, has partnered with the Italian Trade Commission to bring this event to life. Inside their 13,000-square-foot store, guests will feast their eyes on hundreds of pieces of handmade Italian jewelry from the jewelry capitals of Vicenza and Milan. While there, they can shop remarkable works of art from designers Pasquale Bruni, Piero Milano, Zydo Italy, Crivelli of Valenza, Leo Pizzo, Antonio Papini, and Picchiotti.

“It was an honor for the Italian Trade Agency to partner with Moyer for an event of this magnitude,” Moyer says. “For us, it was an easy decision. Italian jewelry is some of the most luxurious in the world, and we can’t wait to share our passion for it with our community.” From bold gold and chain-link necklaces to fashion-forward diamond and colored-gemstone stretch bracelets, there will be no shortage of amazing baubles at this event.

Much like many Italian shops and even world-renowned Italian brands, Dan Moyer has built an incredible multigenerational family business. “It’s very common for families to pass down this art of jewelry-making through multiple generations. It’s how many of these Italian brands maintain the same quality and craftsmanship they’re known for,” Moyer says. For over 40 years, Moyer has been a constant fixture in his business, making sure his store continues its legacy of high-quality jewelry and exceptional customer service.

Celebrating Italian culture wouldn’t be possible without our partnerships with local businesses Convivio Italian Artisan Cuisine, Stacco House by Mammamia, Westfield Wine Vault, Ducati, and others. “We are all working hard to make sure each of our respective businesses reflects all of the best aspects of Italy. We as a community are so lucky to have such a great representation of businesses locally that can authentically recreate that Italian lifestyle,” Moyer says.

“The entire team is excited to invite you to experience our ‘Journey to Italy,’ and we look forward to hosting the community for this splendid occasion,” he says. Until the 28th, ciao

For more information about the event, visit Moyer’s website or call 317-844-9003. Confidential appointments will be available upon request. For a sneak peek of the jewelry and of the event in general, follow @moyerfinejewelers on Instagram.