Stutz Artists and Indy Jazz Foundation Pair Up at Penrod

Penrod Arts Fair at Newfields during a past year.
Penrod Arts Fair at Newfields
As art aficionados stroll the grounds of this year’s Penrod Arts Fair, Sept. 7 at Newfields, a variety of sights and sounds will delight their senses. In addition to four different project areas where vendors display their handicrafts, the Stutz Artists Association will feature its members in a specially designated venue. The Stutz Artist Village consists of nearly 40 exhibitors who are painters, jewelry and fashion designers, sculptors, metalsmiths, photographers, and more (see full list here).

Penrod has tapped fellow creative colleagues to provide entertainment during the one-day, annual event. Six stages set up among the artist zones and food-and-beverage stations showcase music and dance performances presented by affiliated groups such as Indy Jazz Fest.

“Indy Jazz Fest and our parent organization, Indianapolis Jazz Foundation, have been working with Penrod for eight years—beginning with our management and curation of music on the jazz stage in 2012 to curating the music for both main music stages in 2019,” says Lin Frauenhoff, Indy Jazz Fest managing director.

The partnership originated from a desire to bring great jazz music to the festival. As the collaboration has evolved, the selection of musical genres has expanded to highlight the gamut of local music talent available—from traditional styles to innovative, cutting-edge sounds.

“We understand the main focus of the fair is the visual arts, but music as an artistic form is also very important to the overall experience of the day,” Frauenhoff explains. “We would hope that many individuals are deciding to attend Penrod specifically for the music. By experiencing this music, we hope to also encourage individuals to seek out more live music as well as discover music venues in Indianapolis.”

In cooperation with these visionary entities, the Penrod Arts Fair is able to maximize exposure and attract attendees who seek an all-encompassing artistic experience.

“I love working with the Indy Jazz Fest and Stutz Artists Association to build partnerships in the community. I know Penrod reaches a wider audience because of these partnerships, and I’m confident that both the Indy Jazz Fest and Stutz Artists each feel the same. We work well together,” says Tim Haley, fair chair for the 2019 Penrod Arts Fair.