James Baldwin
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Author Dan Wakefield Recalls Friend James Baldwin Ahead Of Indy Film Screening

What I remember most were his eyes—those large brown eyes that seemed to see right through you, right into your mind, and to know at once if you were speaking the truth.

Nathaniel Russell
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Indy Artist Nathaniel Russell Gives the World a Gift

Almost everyone in Indianapolis should be familiar with Russell’s work, even if they didn’t realize it. The large cutout people with the words “we,” “us,” and “all” at the corner of Michigan Street and Mass Ave. is one of the best examples of Russell’s public art.

Angela Brown
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The Soprano: Angela Brown’s Rise to Stardom

It was clear that not only could Brown sing opera—she had a rare gift. Her upper register was high and melodic, and she commanded it with equal lightness or fullness. Her lower register was deep and mellow.

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Quilt to Last: Folk Art Flourishes in Paducah, Kentucky

Billed as the “Quilt Capital of the World,” Paducah shreds homey preconceptions of the folk art, showcasing new-wave materials and eye-popping pieces that are solidly 21st century.

Tricia Paik personal bests
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Best of Indy: Personal Bests

Local celebrities share their favorite activities, products, and eateries from Indy for Best of Indy 2015.

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Best of Indy: Arts & Culture

After two sold-out performances at the Palladium in July, Pat McAfee swore he was punting on any future comedy evenings. Thankfully, that was a fake.

Jim Walker, Founder and Executive Director of Big Car
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Exit Interview With Jim Walker, Organizer of Spark: Monument Circle

“When there’s a big event, like a concert, people come at 6 and they leave at 8. This kind of stuff—the chairs and tables—aren’t ever over. There weren’t hours on that.”

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Unspoken Rules: Heartland Film Festival

Ask filmmakers what movies they want to see. Go watch those.

A Gen Con art show popped up at the Artsgarden.
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Art’s a-Poppin’!

“It’s a complete shift in the way art is presented and taken in by the local community. Pop-up events are one of the key ways that people experience art now.”

Bronislaw Huberman
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Violin Lesson

Joshua Bell and his $12 million, 302-year-old Stradivarius open the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s season September 26.

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Speed Read: Ms. Pat’s Raw Talent

“Secrets kill you on the inside,” she says. “When I started to tell my stories onstage, I started to heal.”

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See the Film Trailer for John Green’s Paper Towns

The novel springs to life in nearly three minutes of new footage, starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne.

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Video: Letterman Salutes Ball State on Late Show

“It’s like a wonderland of education,” he said of his alma mater. “When I was there, it was all dumb kids.”

Photo via bigdamnband.com
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‘Pot Roast and Kisses’: See Reverend Peyton’s New Music Video

Featuring Washboard Breezy Peyton tickling her vintage instrument, dancers, and a parade of “grizzled diner patrons”

Unstuck poster copy
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A Vonnegut Documentary Finally Nears Completion

Filmmaker Bob Weide finally seems ready to tick Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time off of his To Do list. First question: “Why on Earth has it taken you this long?”