Ask Me Anything: Zak Bagans, Paranormal Investigator

The popular TV host is making a documentary on a famously freaky house—and a goat demon—in Gary.
Zak Bagans, the face of Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures, explains what possessed him to film The Demon House at the Gary home of Latoya Ammons, whose exorcism went viral last year.

IM: I read you bought the house the day you heard about the exorcism.

It was hard to get through to anybody at first. All these reporters were calling, and Hollywood was trying to secure the movie rights. The chances of me buying the house over the phone that day …

IM: You think that was part of the demon’s plan?

I do. Before this story hit the media [The Indianapolis Star broke the news], I had a dream about a 12-foot-tall goat-man creature. Smoke comes out of his mouth and into mine. I wake up, and I can feel his smoke in my lungs. Once I buy this house, I get a text from this psychic who has sensed a lot about me in the past. He had seen visions of this demon with horns turned backward and centaurian feet. Creeped the hell out of me.

IM: What happened during filming?

A camera operator begins vomiting during a shoot. At the hotel, he vomits blood and is screaming at the top of his lungs, trying to fight a “goat-man” in the elevator.

IM: Why is there a goat-man demon in Gary, Indiana?

Demons like to make their nests where there’s lots of violence and people are vulnerable. You know how many abandoned churches there are in Gary? You can’t find a better breeding ground for demonic possession.

IM: What will you do with the house?

I don’t know yet. It won’t be open to the public, and I don’t want anyone else to live there. I fear for my own safety in that house. The problem is that once I get in there, I start feeling like I don’t want to leave.