Causing A Scene

Two women share a milkshake at a classic diner.
#sodalicious | Courtesy @sophstrain

Courtesy @sophstrain

In the world of Instagram, it can seem like everyone you know is simultaneously on vacation. But where can you snap a ’gram-worthy pic when you’re not jet-setting? A few of the area’s top backdrops may surprise you.

The Suds
350 Market Plaza, Greenwood
This classic 1957 drive-in restaurant doesn’t even have an Instagram account, but it’s still all over the social media platform as a swell place to grab both a root beer and a new profile picture. Online boutiques send their models here, and it’s a ready-made setting for fun friend shots.

Miller House and Garden
2860 Washington St., Columbus
While Newfields’s flagship location boasts plenty of artful scenery, the Columbus property makes a less-expected shot. Architectural Digest did a fashion shoot there in 2015 (above) with Hoosier-born fashion influencer Pari Ehsan, aka Pari Dust. Selfie sticks are not permitted, though.

A woman sits in a conversation pit inside a midcentury modern home.
Courtesy Laura Walters/The Style Riot

Altum’s Garden Center
11335 N. Michigan Rd., Zionsville
Thanks to a new crop of so-called “plantfluencers,” household flora—from the leafy greens of #MonsteraMonday to the flowering #PlantsofInstagram—are the hottest new Insta accessory. At Zionsville’s horticultural mainstay, you can try the trend out—and get pro advice on how to flex your green thumb.

A woman stands amongst trees inside a plant nursery.

Indy Reads Books
911 Massachusetts Ave.
To prove to your followers that there’s a brain behind those OOTDs, look no further than Indy’s favorite indie bookstore. The shelves create a backdrop that’s both warm and graphic. Then, keep with the literary theme and trot a few blocks down the street to Mass Ave’s iconic (and photogenic) Kurt Vonnegut mural.

A woman sits in an aisle of a bookstore surrounded by books.

Jiffy Lube
Various locations
Yes, really. The president of the oil change chain’s Indiana branch has a passion for street art, and when someone tagged one of his locations with graffiti, he responded by commissioning local artists to create a series of murals called Every Part Matters. The Avon location (pictured), by Megan Jefferson, is one of 14 sites in the area.

A couple stand in front of a painted mural on the side of a Jiffy Lube location.
Courtesy @megsj1

The State Fairgrounds
But Not the Midway Arch
1202 E. 38th St.
Skip the glowing “Midway” entrance and search for the underappreciated areas—candy-colored food stalls, for instance—that will make your fair photo worthy of a purple ribbon. Popular options include curling up inside a massive tractor tire, and posing as the “I” in a sign that spells out “FAIR.”

A woman sits at a midway game at the Indiana State Fair.
Courtesy @_toshiamac