With a big assist from the Super Bowl Legacy Project investment, East 10th Street is shaping up to become Indy’s own Little Brooklyn.

Locally made playthings, a green grocer, and a yoga studio highlight East 10th Street’s revival.

<< [1] Little Green Bean Boutique

Handmade and local finds fill this children’s resale shop, where many consigners sell their own new handicrafts. The affordable giftables stand out—including custom petticoat tutus; crayon aprons; bibs with neckties; and wooden cars with a modern feel (pictured above), carved by local hobbyist Aaron Dickinson of Dickinson Fine Furniture. 2809 E. 10th St., 426-4232

[2] Pogue’s Run Grocer >>

Whether you want a fresh vegan deli selection or a slab of locally made Curat-Romania soap, this co-op is perfect. Opened in late 2010, Pogue’s Run has more than 500 members who own a share of the store—but you don’t have to be a member to shop there, grab a sandwich from the counter, and drop a quarter into a gumball machine repurposed to dispense seed bombs. 2828 E. 10th St., 426-4963,

<< [3] Metta Yoga Initiative

Since starting with four yoga classes and three instructors, Metta Yoga has grown to eight instructors and as many as 10 weekly classes—including its satellite senior yoga class at the neighborhood’s John H. Boner Community Center. This yoga spot shares space with the Made for Each Other art space, so you can catch some cool visuals while you’re balancing your brain and body. 2807 E. 10th St., 636-1772,

[4] Made for Each Other

Designed as a cutting-edge public-process art experiment, Made for Each Other works with Big Car art collective to organize projects for residents to do together. Its permanent space also exhibits artwork—the East Side Museum Project, created by elementary students, recently debuted. 2807 E. 10th St., 450-6630,

[5] Grameen Bank

It’s not flashy, but Grameen is nevertheless impressive. The not-for-profit microloan bank started in Bangladesh in 1976 and won a Nobel Prize for its work in developing countries in 2006. One of only three American locations, Indy’s branch is helping to support home-based businesses in its neighborhood. 2811 E. 10th St.,Ste. D, 371-3453.

[6] Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center

Home to the 14th location of the Youth Education Town, this new community center started with a $1 million donation from the NFL and became a massive facility with everything from a gym to drum-circle workshops to a vertical garden and greenhouse. 725 N. Oriental St., 423-2000,

Coming Soon

Tim & Julie’s Another Fine Mess, offering vintage home goods and architectural salvage, plans to open soon in a renovated storefront. Local bar Tick Tock Lounge is slated to start manning the late shift this spring. One Super Bowl legacy project—Clifford Corners, an $8 million mixed-use residential and commercial complex—is expected to welcome its first tenants this year, and another—Legacy Plaza, a public space with an outdoor market and a rain garden—is scheduled for completion in 2013.


Little Green Bean photos by Brandon Bowen

This article appeared in the April 2012 issue.