Culture Q&A: Walter Knabe

An exhibit of the local artist’s work opens at the Long-Sharp Gallery on October 12.
Walter Knabe shared with us a sketch of his 30-year career:
As an artist, you could live pretty much anywhere in the world. What drew you to Indianapolis?
We lived in New York for 15 years, but when my wife and I started to have children (she was from Indy), we decided that we wanted to raise them in the kind of environment we were raised in—the Midwest.
Where do you find inspiration in town?
I frequent the museums, including the wonderful Indianapolis Art Center. I don’t know of another one of that caliber anywhere else.
Your work is owned by some pretty high-profile celebrities, like Michael Jordan and Neil Simon. Do you have a favorite place where your art resides?
The places that have the most impact on the most people. Although I do love the idea that I’ve had pieces in the White House. I did an ornament for the president’s Christmas tree. It’s now in the Smithsonian.