Quick Q&A: Trent Fairbrother, Past Art vs. Art Winner

Both he and the event return to the Vogue on Sept. 26. Will the artist’s work be spared destruction?
0914-Trent Fairbrother

How relieved were you to win the competition a couple of years ago and avoid having your canvas obliterated?
Well, it was great to win $4,000. But I let them set my painting on fire and chainsaw it in half anyway.
You won, and your painting was still destroyed?
I’m sure if I had put it up for bid, someone would have bought it. But the crowd was chanting that they wanted to see one last thing destroyed. I wasn’t going to say no.
Your time to paint in this contest is very limited. How much planning goes into your work?
I spend about three months figuring out what to paint and practicing it a few times. Sure, the chainsaws are brutal. But only having four hours to do an entire painting is the hardcore part.
For more information on this year’s event, visit Art vs. Art.