Realty Check: What $170K Gets You in Windsor Park

Two bedrooms, stained-glass windows, and a picturesque Victorian exterior

Just a half-mile bike ride from the flourishing Mass Ave Arts District, this cottage in the Windsor Park neighborhood charms onlookers with a picket fence and golden scalloped shingles. Built in 1889, the two-bedroom, two-bathroom Queen Anne flaunts stained-glass windows that gleam a rainbow of colors onto hardwood and stamped-brick floors.
Although owners David and Heidi Hedrick are parting with the 2,000-square-foot house for David’s new job in Florida, they traipsed through nearly 80 other historical properties in the downtown area before discovering this space that highlighted preserved vintage features and came at an affordable price. They loved the two sets of pocket doors, and the original quarter-sawn, oak-panel staircase gave the space an elevated sense of grandeur. Plus, the Victorian abode was completely restored in 1984, and a new deck and kitchen remodel came soon after, leaving the Hedricks with minimal updates to make. Despite the waning condition of the area in 2008, the Hedricks went through with the purchase.
Now, nearly six years later, groups like NEAR Indy are re-establishing the near-eastside community into the thriving hub it once was by renovating deserted homes in order to create new, affordable housing options. David says the neighborhood’s transformation has been astounding to witness. “The housing stabilization in the area is huge, and there are young couples everywhere now,” he says. “I’m desperately going to miss it.”

Want to Buy It?

Address: 1014 N. Arsenal Ave.
List Price: $169,900
Agent: Jay Pearl, Sycamore Group Realtors, 317-348-3344,