Lily Interviews Madeleine (And Vice Versa)

The sisters chat about their new record ahead of its February 26 release.
Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz eat off each other’s plates. They finish each other’s sentences. So we thought it would be only natural to have the local sisters interview each other about their new album, Keep It Together, which debuts February 26 on New West Records—their first on a major label.

Lily:  What does the album title mean to you?

Madeleine:  It means we need to stay together as sisters.

Lily:  When I wrote that line, I was thinking about how put together girls have to be all the time—how if you show emotion, you’re considered crazy. But I love that even we see different things in it.

Madeleine:  What do you hope listeners take away from the record?

Lily:  I hope they can sense our enthusiasm and tell how hard we worked to create this new version of ourselves. The writing process was new in that each of us wrote entire songs on our own.

Madeleine:  And I have this new haircut! [Laughs.]

Lily:  When do you feel most beautiful or powerful?

Madeleine:  After I’ve gone for a run. Even if I’m gross and sweaty, it makes me feel good to work that hard. I also feel pretty powerful after a kick-ass show.

Lily:  I feel that way when I get my eyeliner right. What’s your ultimate career goal?

Madeleine:  Man, who came up with these brilliant questions?

Lily:  You did.

Madeleine:  Okay, I guess my ultimate career goal would be to win a Grammy. Although that whole system of awards is really …

Lily:  A popularity contest.

Madeleine:  But to win would be an incredible feeling. What do you think is the weirdest thing about local fame?

Lily:  When I meet new people and they know about our career, I don’t know if they want to get close to me because they think I’m a cool person or because they think I can hook them up with a producer. Finding a boyfriend who isn’t threatened by what I do is tough, too. I’m just not worrying about it.

Madeleine:  Yeah, definitely don’t. I just got out of a relationship, which was lovely. But once I became single, I realized how relieved I was to just focus on traveling and performing. And I was like, Whoa, Madeleine, what were you doing worrying all the time? Now I just do what I want to do. I’m in another relationship, but it’s cool. He doesn’t care that I travel. If he did, I would kick him to the curb.