Our Top 10 Arts & Culture Stories of 2014

A round of applause for <em>IM</em>’s most-viewed articles online this year in these realms

Josh Kaufman and Valerie Rockey and John Green, oh my! Whatever does it for you—theater, museums, dance, concerts, film, books, and more—please do get to the art of the matter in 2015, dear reader.
Honorable Mention: Josh Kaufman Sings for a Voice Win: Eh, turned out all right for him. [May]
10. Best of Indy: 34 Readers’ Choice Winners: Including the top museum shop, music festival, and more.
9. Live Blog: Josh Kaufman Sings for a Voice Finale Spot: Indeed, we live-blogged the proceedings, and somehow duped you into reading. So yes, in a word, thanks. [May]
8. Video: Pronunciation Is ‘Achilles’ Heel for IU Student on Wheel of Fortune: What would Meryl say? (See below.) [April]

7. Photos: 2014’s Record-Breaking Indy Pride: The LGBT populations from this city and the surrounding areas know how to throw a summer bash. [June]
6. John Green Finally Goes to the Movies!: And the world could do was cry, cry, cry. [June]
5. Show and Tell: Hoosier Actor Dean Norris’s High-School Photos: His perm was a far cry from his present bald self, and his toughened-up Breaking Bad character. [June]
Boyum_Streep_03_web-photosize-4. Meryl Streep at IU: ‘I Thought I Was Too Ugly to Be an Actress’: Well before there was Into the Woods, Meryl dropped a whodathunkit? nugget on her Bloomington audience. We took note, and CosmopolitanTime, and more followed suit. [April]
3. Josh Kaufman Awaits Final Voice Results: And waiting is hard, y’all. Especially when you’re supremely gifted. [May]
Valerie Rockey SYTYCD cropped2. Will Nice Girl Finish First?: Valerie Rockey, one of Franklin’s finest exports, tapped her way to the So You Think You Can Dance finale this season. [August]
1. Josh Kaufman Should Make The Voice Top 5: It came to pass—and then some. [May]