Quick Q&A with Lisa Loeb

For people of a certain age, Lisa Loeb will forever be that 20-something girl with glasses who sang the ’90s anthem “Stay (I Missed You).” Now, however, she’s a mom who writes and performs children’s music as well as grownup stuff (which she’ll offer November 5 at The Warehouse).
What’s it like performing for children?
“For really young kids, it can be like playing for drunk adults.”

Do you have to go to a different “place” to write those songs?
“I feel like writing kids’ music has actually influenced my adult material. For instance, I might write a song about being yourself, and I haven’t written one like that for grownups since I was in college. Or I’ll tell a story, which I couldn’t do until I did it in kids’ songs. I always wanted to figure out how to do that.”

At least the kids aren’t waiting for you to play “Stay.”
“They’re not, but their parents are. I realized, after talking to audiences, that parents really wanted to hear it but were too shy to say anything. So I started playing it, even though it’s kind of serious and is tonally and structurally unusual. The adults seem grateful to hear a few grownup songs.”

What do you miss about the ’90s?
“I miss being less-connected by technology. Before cell phones, so much more was done face-to-face. I liked that.”

How has being a mom changed your professional life?
“Sometimes it’s hard to go out with a bunch of other musicians and just watch people play.”

You’re famous for your glasses. Ever thought about getting contacts or Lasik eye surgery?
“Because I do some acting, I have contact lenses for auditions when I’m not playing myself. But in general, I wear glasses. I talked to my doctor about Lasik, but the idea of someone doing something to my eyes with a laser kind of freaks me out. Plus, I think glasses are flattering, so I’m sticking with them. I have my own eyewear line, Lisa Loeb Eyewear. I have the best selection anyone could ever want.”