2016 Indy 500 Winner Receives Ring


There’s nothing like winning the Indy 500 from the milk to the glory and bragging rights. Alexander Rossi found that out first hand last year winning the 100th running of the 500 as a rookie. He received his ring for his centennial victory May 3, when Alonso did his Rookie Orientation Program testing.

Rossi was given a fully unique ring for his victory and reflected back on his victory and how he feels differently about his second year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The 25-year-old Californian came in from a Formula One career that didn’t take off and won his first year. He described coming to Indianapolis this year as a “180” of how he felt and prepared last year.

“I’m coming back with a huge understanding and respect for it,” Rossi said of the history of the Speedway. “Very much looking forward to being back here.”