DJ Benny Benassi Rocks Indy 500 Snake Pit Party

The sun-drenched and sweaty masses came out for international DJ and electronic artist Benny Benassi in this morning’s Snake Pit, that patch of grass in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Turn 3 infield where revelers take in thumping beats and cans of beer.

This party quite literally boils down to this: A trashy hipster prom in daytime heat. Bikinis and boat shoes, beers and shades—this crowd sports and slurps it all. And finds a way to co-opt a techno song’s beat as a catalyst for chants of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” So be it.

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Chicago DJ trio Krewella opened for Benassi and got the scene hopping. Well done, and in light of the fact that most attendees probably turned in late last night. Dancers accompanying the DJs accessorized with stringy green wigs, tattered fishnet stockings, and, fittingly, racecar driver helmets. Show promoters regularly doused the party people and security guards alike. No one was spared at this shebang.