Experiencing Cabin Fever? Get A Grip

The cure for cabin fever: Pick up a weapon, from a golf club to an axe, and hit something. Hard.
If you’re suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder and longing for warmer days, fear not. We have compiled a listing of some of our favorite social recreations to keep you active and lively when spring seems so far away. Follow our guide of fun, and slightly dangerous, sporting activities to get you back in the swing of things.

Smash Social
600 E. Ohio St., 317-655-7701

What It Is: A coffee shop/coworking space/ping-pong hangout in Lockerbie Square.
Bring Your: Penchant for wicked backhands that barely skim the line. That’ll come in handy when what starts out as a genial game evolves into a fierce battle.
But Leave Behind: The shabby paddle from the table you had in college. Smash provides three
types of hardware.
Satisfaction Meter: Medium. Make that high if you beat your smug, trash-talking opponent.
Danger Level: Low. But watch out for potentially ankle-twisting wayward balls from other games.
Pre-Game With: One of the local brews on tap, such as Central State’s Table.
Cost: $10–$12 per person. for unlimited play.

Koteewi Archery Range
11909 Koteewi Dr., Noblesville, 317-776-8472

What It Is: Outdoor bow-and-arrow shooting in a quiet
wooded setting.
Bring Your: Sharp eye. Targets are up to a football field’s length away.
But Leave Behind: The four-letter words—you may very well be in a lane next to a Boy Scout troop or a 7-year-old’s birthday party.
Satisfaction Meter: High if you squarely peg the bull’s-eye or the flank of a 3-D foam dinosaur. Low if you completely miss.
Danger Level: Low. Just don’t rush out to grab your arrows while others are still taking aim.
Pre-Game With: A pint from nearby Deer Creek Brewery.
Cost: $25 per hour (with rental) for two people.

9200 E. 116th St., Fishers, 317-212-3488

What It Is: Dave & Buster’s meets the driving range—from a climate-controlled covered bay, golfers tee off at
various targets 25 to 215 yards away.
Bring Your: Competitive side. The closer you get
to the center of the marks, the more points you rack up, tallied by microchipped balls. Loser buys the
next round.
But Leave Behind: Your own clubs. A full range of Callaways is provided, and if they’re good enough for PGA and LPGA pros, they’re adequate for amateurs.
Satisfaction Meter: Medium to high. That sweet sound of a solid whack is addictive.
Danger Level: Low. Unless you’re on the upper deck and veer too close to the edge.
Pre-Game With: A Tipsy Palmer or a Topgolf Tea. But not too many. See: Danger Level.
Cost: $25–$45 per bay per hour.

Bad Axe Throwing
235 S. Meridian St., Ste. 211, 888-435-0001

What It Is: Hurl hatchets overhead (or underhand, you show-off) at plywood targets in this traditional Canadian pastime.
Bring Your: Food and drink. Nothing is sold on site, but there’s a mini-fridge to keep your brews cold.
But Leave Behind: The flip-flops. Enough said. And nix the tight tee—your arms need to move around comfortably.
Satisfaction Meter: High, especially if you nail one of the two (small) 10-point blue dots.
Danger Level: Medium. These are real axes, which are sharpened before you get your hands on them.
Pre-Game With: A Molson, eh?
Cost: $20–$40 per person.