Overheard at the NASCAR Hauler Parade in Speedway

Eavesdropping as Brickyard race fans (and a performer) speak out at the Main Street event.
NASCAR Hauler Parade 2014

The good ol’ boys of NASCAR know a thing or two about carrying a heavy load. Expensive semi haulers brandished with team logos and drivers’ smiling faces lug gear and cars from city to city throughout the season. The premier wagons were put on display for fans along Speedway’s Main Street Thursday. Here’s what we heard:
“Hey buddy, stay back here.”
A concerned father to his son who ran about in the middle of the street before the trucks arrived
“Sean, you rock, brother!”
An enthusiastic man who recognized a member of the Pacers’ High Octane Drumline, who were in attendance
“She bought me whiskey, y’all. That’s the ticket.”
Country singer Tim Dugger, between songs
“Baby, did you get Dale Jarrett?”
Race-Fan Husband to Race-Fan Wife who wanted a picture of the parade grand marshal and two-time Brickyard champ
“I tell you what, Dale (Earnhardt Jr’s) got a better truck than last year. I’ll tell you that right now.”
NASCAR hauler paint-scheme expert
“You guys want one?”
Mother to her children after grabbing a handful of free Danica Patrick posters
“Oh shit! We got Love’s Truck Stop!”
Shirtless, sunburned, intoxicated gentleman impressed by the small things, like trucks emblazoned with corporate-sponsor logos
“The first time I saw this place was the first time I raced here.”
2011 Daytona 500 winner Trevor Bayne to fans during a Q&A session