The Replay: Larry Bird, Nick Kroll, and Purdue Basketball

Shootin’s for Show-offs Edition
Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our sports roundup. It’s mostly fouls and airballs.


» Bird Watching: Larry Bird returned to “The Kroll Show” this week. Well, comedian Nick Kroll’s version. Last season, the Comedy Central sketch show featured The Legend of Young Larry Bird, which became an instant classic thanks to “shootin’s for show-offs” and a Mellencamp-esque theme song that is a total earworm. This time around, Kroll reprised the role in a  Cheers spoof, playing the Hall of Famer as Bird-meets-Woody (Boyd).




The Legend of Young Larry Bird:


» For Kicks: Grantland’s Men in Blazers show hosted Andrew Luck to talk about football soccer futbol. The Colts QB repped Indy by sporting a Ride Indiana Tee from United State of Indiana.


» Chugging Along: Raise your hand if you thought the Purdue Boilermakers were going to have this kind of season. Those with your hands still raised, stop lying. The Boilers continued to outperform expectations, beating No. 20 Ohio State on Wednesday and taking second place in the Big Ten in advance of Saturday’s game against Minnesota.



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» Bonus Read: Deadspin cautions not to get fooled by No More, the NFL’s domestic violence partner.