The Race We Ran: Mini-Marathon 2013

IM staffers Vu Luong (pictured below in the gray tank) and Jonathan Scott and intern Summer Daily all ran the Mini on May 4. Here’s their conversation—what they saw, thought, felt, relished.

SUMMER DAILY: I just have to get it off my chest that at the end of the race I wandered around in a complete daze taking multiple cookies from every person handing them out. I sincerely apologize if they ran out toward the end, and some people didn’t get a cookie.

JONATHAN SCOTT: I doubt that was possible, running out, but I’m sure they appreciate your concern. I just love how happy everyone is post-race, all thanks to those endorphins, a natural high.

VU LUONG: It was awesome that many runners were out in full Boston gear supporting victims of that tragedy.

JS: Truly beautiful. I saw the sign—or dozens of them. One favorite: “You can do it, total stranger!” Saw a few variations of that. Yesteryear’s “You Are All Kenyans!” was nowhere to be found. Oh well.

SD: If you live near downtown, you may think that riding your bike to the start line to avoid parking is a good idea. But at the end of the race, you will be kicking yourself … if your legs aren’t too weak to do that.

VL: Superheroes ran among the commoners. I saw Captain America, Mr. Incredible, Superman, and Batman all running the Mini. Who knew it was so popular among the heroes?

JS: I think my personal hero was the woman who pulled up lame on the IMS track. Her husband/companion helped her down onto the grass on the inside turn, and they kissed. Then she pushed him and said, “Keep going!” He ran on. Yeah, I started crying. Crying and running. I mean, seriously, it was touching. That’s the thing about distance running: With all the expectation and adrenaline, you end up doing it in this fairly emotional state.

SD: Listening to all of the fun local bands along the route is definitely enough reason for me to run the Mini again.

JS: Agreed. I also enjoyed the girl practicing her saxophone in a front yard while her friend held up her sheet music. Everything goes!

VL: Not sure if he had a cause or why, but I saw a runner going barefoot.

JS: I saw him, too, fleetingly. Then he blew by me. Man, he had barrel calves. Still, running barefoot? In Speedway? No thanks.

VL: Also great to see a father and son—I would guess no more then 10 years old—running the Mini. They even passed me on the final mile.

JS: Great to get water just after the mile-11 mark from Colts cheerleader Megan M., who shaved her head last year in solidarity with coach Chuck Pagano. Seeing her there, with her short-cropped ‘do now, was meaningful and kind of empowering to me in the moment. It was certainly a fun surprise.

SD: I ran the Disney Princess Half-Marathon in February, and despite being in the most magical place on earth, I had more fun at the Indy Mini. I love my city, and it makes me proud of the great events we host.

Here’s to the 2014 Mini on May 3! It’s just 362 days away.