The Replay: Andrew Luck, Joe Namath, and Juergen Sommer

Real Men Wear Mink Edition
Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our weekly look at sports. It’s mostly fouls and airballs.


» Namath in Vain: Andrew Luck channels Jets great Joe Namath during a commercial for fledgling sports-drink maker BODYARMOR. In the minute-long spot, Broad Ripple Andy goes full-on Broadway Joe, sporting a Fu Manchu ‘stache and, over his shoulder, what appears to be the remains of a neckbeard. A star is shorn:


» Rank Amateur: Fans and local media are taking Sports Illustrated writer Peter King to the woodshed for slotting the Colts at No. 11 in his preseason power rankings. It’s a difficult position for both King and the Colts. Neither really has a good defense.


» Pitch Session: After getting kicked to the curb, ousted Indy Eleven coach Juergen Sommer complained to WTHR’s Bob Kravitz this week that the second-year franchise has put more into marketing a team than building one. Things, though, seem to be headed in the right direction. Sommer’s firing—eight games into the season—was the quickest the one-win Eleven have struck this year.


» He’ll Pass: Pacers guard George Hill was called up onstage during Sunday’s TLC concert at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and was the reluctant recipient of a lap dance from band member Chilli. According to reports, Hill didn’t stick around for headliner New Kids on the Block. Smart move. That Donnie Wahlberg lap dance? You cannot un-see it.


» Free Flow of Information: Indy Star sports columnist Gregg Doyel will go anywhere for a story. Anywhere. Even though Doyel’s great, there’s a good chance that this story will stink:


» Now Read This: Matt Gonzales looks at combustible ESPN personality Jason Whitlock‘s new venture, The Undefeated.