The Replay: Robert Kraft, the Pacers, and Peyton Manning

Hand-Krafted Jokes Edition

Every Friday, we post up The Replay, our weekly look at sports. It’s mostly fouls and airballs.


Beating a Dead Horse

Patriots owner Robert Kraft—basically Donald Trump without the dignity—took a not-so-subtle shot at the Colts during a speech honoring Willie McGinest, who was inducted into the Patriots’ Hall of Fame on Thursday. “There’s nothing more satisfying than saddling the Indianapolis Colts with a loss, something the Patriots did 16 times in Willie McGinest’s career,” said Kraft. Saddle. Colts. Get it?

No, seriously, give it up for Bob Kraft. Bob Kraft, everyone.



Who Are You Wearing?

The Pacers promised a new look this season, and after starting the season 0-2 appear to be modeling from the Colts Collection™. That’s cool—just stay away from the fake punts and trick plays, please.



Sterling’s Gold

Sports talk show host and man-of-his-word Kent Sterling made good on a bet and showed his true colors. Turns out, he’s a summer. Who wore it best? Sterling or George Hill or human Applebee’s Dumpster Guy Fieri?


Now Read This

Occasional IM contributor Matt Gonzales has a great piece up on Punchnel’s about who the Colts need to turn things around: Peyton Manning. “We need a GM who sees the whole field,” argues Gonzales.