Ticket to Ride: Zipline Preview in Super Bowl Village

Today staff and volunteers careened down the Super Bowl Village Zipline, which will open to the public tomorrow after the Super Bowl Village opening ceremony at 3 p.m.
Molly Chavers, a volunteer, was among the first to try the attraction. “It was pretty frightening, but once you go, it was awesome,” she says.
The Zipline, 80 feet in height, takes riders on a journey stretching for 800 feet above Capitol Avenue at about 40 miles per hour. The four parallel lines make up the longest temporary Zipline in history. It is also the longest temporary ZipLine operating in the U.S. now.
If you want to take a ride on the Zipline, pre-sale ticketing has finished. You can purchase a $10 ticket at the attraction and then wait in line for your turn on what is shaping up to be a main attraction in the Village.
Photo courtesy of Amanda Lane, Super Bowl volunteer, shows the view of Lucas Oil Stadium from the ZipLine’s apex; additional photo of Molly Chavers, Super Bowl volunteer