Track Survival Kits

Sun King debuts a limited-edition track pack, filled with locally made essentials.

Clay Robinson, co-owner of Sun King Brewing Co. (135 N. College Ave., 317-602-3702), is no stranger to a gift bag. Under his direction, the brewery partners with more than 180 charity organizations, providing product for fundraisers. In 2012, Sun King donated $10,000 in product (wholesale price), and recently the company decided to add something a little different. They’re partnering with other like-minded Indiana businesses to create gift packs for various holidays and special events, starting with this weekend’s Indy 500. “We always try to include things from other local companies that we know and love, so it seemed like a no-brainer to put one together that people can take to the track,” says Robinson.

This year’s Local Survival Track Pack—packaged in a Sun King-branded cooler—will feature a first-ever variety pack (Sunlight, Wee Mac, Osiris, and Indian’s Lager) along with some snacks to help race-goers get through the day. Just Pop In (6302 Guilford Ave., 317-257-9338) created a special-edition Sunlight candied cream ale and white cheddar popcorn for the occasion, and Smoking Goose (407 N. Dorman St., 317-638-6328) added the flavor-packed Dodge City salame, made with fennel pollen and pink peppercorns. To stay safe from the sun, the kit comes with a Sun King-branded trucker hat (or visor) along with a half-ounce silver tin of all-natural lip remedy from Ambre Blends (317-257-0202). The lip balm has a gender-neutral flavor and natural SPF. The kits are $50 (valued at $80) and are available on a first-come, first-served basis at Sun King’s tasting room at 135 N. College Ave.