Tweets of the Game: Snap Judgments

The internet has dubbed this play the worst in NFL history.
Expectations were low, but on Sunday night the Colts disappointed in a very special way.

The Colts were trailing the Patriots in the third quarter by just 6 on their own 37. The punt team came out on 4th and 3. Then, this happened.

Let’s look at how Twitter handled “The Snap”:

ESPN personality Mark Schlereth was uncharacteristically funny on the night.

Please, someone make a meme of this.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh owes Chuck Pagano for taking the heat off of his own team’s special teams gaffe from the day before.

“Gruden, coach us. Please.”

More on Bannergate.

Nope. Not yet.

We’re looking forward to Adam Vinatieri in the slot next week. It’s art, man.

“Pagano for President!”

Which was worse?

To be clear, this is actually a thing when done correctly. See: University of Oregon.

UPDATE: Coach Pagano is asking for questions on Twitter.

Probably better to stay away from social media, coach.