Wise Words

Scotty’s Brewhouse owner Scott Wise is catering for 200 people over at Jimmy Fallon’s place tonight, capping a Super Bowl media blitz that included a shout-out from Fallon’s band on the show and a cameo on The Today Show yesterday. Our favorite Scotty’s moment came Friday, when Wise held court in the Bartender Wisdom spotlight on Esquire.com. In it, he revealed his dislike of whiskey and baked beans. And he tactfully abstained from over-hyping Indy as the Portland of the Midwest. “Indiana’s Indiana. We’re known for a two-and-a-half-mile track and Reggie Miller against the Knicks,” quoth the (okay, we’ll just say it) handsome, Henley-shirted 38-year-old. If only he had begun that sentence with a “Hey girl.”