Q&A with Jeff Patrick of Nicey Treat

Inspired by paletas (Latin American ice pops made from fresh fruit), Jeff Patrick and his wife Stacey created Nicey Treat (317-602-6423), featuring frozen treats made with unique flavors and all-natural ingredients, most notably sold out of a portable freezer at local events. This year’s launch didn’t come without hard work. Jeff, who works full time as a video producer and documentary director, somehow finds an additional 30 to 40 hours a week to make and dole out handmade ice pops. Here’s what he had to say about locavorism, how Nicey Treat stays good to Mother Earth, and their plans for new flavors. 
The harvest salad from Ruth

Swoon List 9.8.15

The five dishes you must try this week, including the sweet-and-tangy harvest salad at Ruth's Chris.
Sword of John Adams from Corndance Tavern

Destination Dining: Corndance Tavern

Corndance Tavern’s playfully carnivorous Sword of John Adams—an actual blade—displays a panoply of grilled meats: steak, chicken, sausages, prawns, depending on the day.

The Living Room Theater’s Tasty New Addition

Snack on more than just Popcorn and Milk Duds at the new Bottleworks movie house.

Très Chick: A Review Of Crispy Bird

Très chick: We are Hoosiers, after all. Fried chicken is our thing. So of course fighting about it can get as messy as eating it.

Dishes of the Year: Artisan Greens Salad at Peterson's

Anyone who’s dined with me knows I’m not an especially dainty eater, but this artfully plated toss of red oak leaf lettuce, frisée, and other delicate greens hits on every textural.
A woman stands against a gray studio background wearing a red shirt tied at the waist and light wash jeans.

Quick Q&A With Lauren McDuffie

“My Mom’s mom grew up next door to Colonel Sanders in Kentucky.”

Foraging Field Work

Before agriculture emerged, hunter-gatherers ruled the world. That foraging instinct is kicking in again with the modern-day push toward sustainability inviting us back to nature to love our yard enemies.“Weeds are just a term for plants that people don’t want where they are,” says Constance Ferry, a teacher and master gardener of organic herbs. “Foraging is seeing that all plants are useful.” Instead of cursing the curly dock in your sidewalk cracks, pull it u

Great Bakes: Pastry Pop-Ups

We’ve got our flour-covered finger on the pulse of Indy’s best little pastry vendors.

This Year’s Spirit And Place Festival May Be Virtual, But Its...

Many presenters have adjusted their programming to keep it relevant in light of the Black Lives Matter protests and the pandemic.