Top Doctors 2018

Indianapolis Monthly’s annual Top Doctors guide takes months to produce, but in the end, it makes finding a great specialist easy. The whole thing starts with a question that’s about as reliable a measure of quality as it gets: Which doctors do physicians turn to for their own care?
Maria Renner is always eager to put belly massage first-timers at ease.

The Benefits Of Belly Massage

We had a gut feeling about belly massage.

Top Doctors Q&A: Tod Huntley

If your snoring keeps the house awake, talk to Dr. Tod Huntley.

Body + Soul: Give It A Whirl

I tested my body positivity and spirit trying pole dancing.
best health black orchid barbers

Best Of Indy 2019: Health & Beauty

Look and feel your best with these local favorites.
a hand on a fly fishing pole

Fly Fishing Casts A Spell

A pastime doubles as a proven balm for the mind, and can be done right on our doorstep.

Beat by Beat

Thanks to stents and better medicine, heart surgeons aren’t cutting open patients with blocked arteries as often as they used to, but they are...

The Indy Gym Punching Back At Parkinson’s

The contactless exercises at this gym help slow the advance of the disease and keep each boxer stay in the fight longer.

The Former IU Hoops Stars Helping Hoosiers Sleep Soundly

Steve Green and Brian Evans are working together to treat sleep apnea and snoring.
women meditating

Find Your Happy Place With Beginner’s Meditation

Shake off sluggishness and find calm with these options for beginning meditators.