Chilling Transcript of Dr. Gregory Konrath’s Alleged Murder Plot

The strange story of Dr. Gregory Konrath makes it to prime time with a spot on ABC News' 20/20 on Friday, September 18.

How Did The NFL Combine End Up In Indianapolis, Anyway?

The event accounts for an estimated $8.4 million economic impact to the city, according to Visit Indy.

Philip Gulley: A Higher Calling

Sure, everyone has a cellphone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an instrument of the devil. Let mine be a cautionary tale.

Naysayer Says IHSAA Was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

If the IHSAA wants to do right by the kids, the schools and the fans, canceling the season is the easy, and wrong, way out.

The Hoosierist: Out of the Limelight

Learn why some of your favorite movies about Indiana are not made in Indiana!
Jennifer Rumsey, Cummins CEO sports a blonde bob and a black jacket in this photo studio image with a grey background

Q&A With Cummins CEO Jennifer Rumsey

Jennifer Rumsey is guiding Cummins through the electric vehicle revolution.

Up on the Roof

Rooftop envy is now in season on the Circle. You can’t tell it from the street, but several low-rise buildings boast decks that employees can use. Maybe you’ve never even considered the concept, because Indy isn’t one of those overcrowded cities where the use-every-inch lifestyle prevails. Most of our rooftops are forgotten tar-ritory.

Michael Rubino

Rubino became Indianapolis Monthly's editor-in-chief in August 2016. The 1994 graduate of Wabash College later earned a master’s degree in journalism from Indiana University. He has 22 years...

What’s Next For Indiana’s Coal-Dependent Counties?

The coal industry that has powered the Southern Indiana economy for generations is about to run out of juice

Philip Gulley: A Quaker Dream Home

I’m downsizing. Between the washing tub, rotary phone, and electricity-generating bike, my new house will be a little piece of heaven.