Megan Fernandez

Fernandez began writing for Indianapolis Monthly in 1995 while studying journalism at Indiana University. One of her freelance assignments required her to join a...

The Former IU Hoops Stars Helping Hoosiers Sleep Soundly

Steve Green and Brian Evans are working together to treat sleep apnea and snoring.

The Change That Made Me Fall Back In Love With Baseball

How a major league fan living in a town without a team fell back in love with baseball.

Purdue Develops a Program to Eliminate Puppy Mills

As Indiana dog breeders expand across the “puppy mill belt,” can Purdue’s Canine Care Certification Program change how Hoosiers get their pups?

The Indiana Pacers Are Pressing “Reset” On The Court—And In The...

The Indiana Pacers are changing their coach, their arena, and maybe their roster. And behind the scenes, owner Herb Simon is slowly ceding control of the team to his son, Steve.

Editor’s Note: Over the Moon

As the sunshine approaches, Indianapolis Monthly’s Editor-in-chief shares summer musts and aspirations for the warmer weather.

Speed Read: Indiana State Fair Swine Barn

Once an open-air barn, the new Fall Creek Pavilion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds & Event Center is now a multiuse, world-class showplace. It’s ready to host swine—and much more—all year long.

The Beat: Myth Busters

Conner Prairie is digging into a problematic past through its popular new podcast, which shines a light on the skewed understanding of history that too many of us hold.

How The 3-Point Challenge Reveals All-Star Weekend’s Real Issue

It was a celebration of basketball. Not men's, not women's...just basketball.

Terry Kirts

A graduate of IU’s Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing, Kirts hails from a town in Illinois so small it didn’t have...