Philip Gulley

When Gulley isn't writing "Back Home Again" essays for Indianapolis Monthly, he is pastoring the Fairfield Friends Meeting near Indianapolis. When not doing that,...

Philip Gulley: Sorry States Of Affairs

Shunning 93,000,000 Americans is a complex operation, but I manage.

Video: Behind the Scenes of Our Best Restaurants Issue

WISH-TV's Indy Style pairs up with our own editorial and art teams to see what will make the cover of our 2014 Best Restaurants issue.

Sam Stall

Stall joined the Indianapolis Monthly staff in 1983 as a college intern. Hard work, perseverance, and a Borgia-esque campaign of character assassination helped him...

Gulley: Have A Heart

Cindy may still pine for me, but I'm no longer the free love hippie she once knew.

Giving Large

On my way home from work every day, I am struck dumb by an illuminated billboard at the corner of 16th and Illinois streets. In red LED numbers, the huge sign flashes the current Powerball jackpot and, I believe, the amount to be won in the Hoosier Lotto, although I rarely look at that. When $123 million is staring you in the face, it’s hard to think about anything else.

Brides and Prejudice: Philip Gulley's Latest Book

Says Gulley, "A decade ago, I created the little town of Harmony, Indiana, filled it with Quakers, and sent them a pastor named Sam Gardner to see what would happen. The series of novels had a good run, but I wanted to dabble in theology and pursued that genre of writing for a while. I missed Sam and the Harmony crowd, though, and decided to see what they had been up to in the intervening years."

How The 3-Point Challenge Reveals All-Star Weekend’s Real Issue

It was a celebration of basketball. Not men's, not women's...just basketball.

Up on the Roof

Rooftop envy is now in season on the Circle. You can’t tell it from the street, but several low-rise buildings boast decks that employees can use. Maybe you’ve never even considered the concept, because Indy isn’t one of those overcrowded cities where the use-every-inch lifestyle prevails. Most of our rooftops are forgotten tar-ritory.

Naysayer Says IHSAA Was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

If the IHSAA wants to do right by the kids, the schools and the fans, canceling the season is the easy, and wrong, way out.