Up on the Roof

Rooftop envy is now in season on the Circle. You can’t tell it from the street, but several low-rise buildings boast decks that employees can use. Maybe you’ve never even considered the concept, because Indy isn’t one of those overcrowded cities where the use-every-inch lifestyle prevails. Most of our rooftops are forgotten tar-ritory.

Naysayer: Where’s Waldo?

Let’s play the fun searching game Where’s Waldo?

Phil Gulley: Germ Warfare

We could save ourselves a lot of trouble if we sent children outside barefoot, in a field of clover, while eating a PB&J, like parents did when I was a runt.

Naysayer: The Real Gold Medal Winner Of The Olympic Trials Isn’t...

Olympic Trials Swimming Legacy program is the real gold medal winner of the swimming trials being hosted in Indy.

Remembering Greg Hardesty, 1968 – 2021

The beloved late culinary icon gave this city so much more than what he put on a plate.

Terry Kirts

A graduate of IU’s Master of Fine Arts program in creative writing, Kirts hails from a town in Illinois so small it didn’t have...

Naysayer: ISU’s Robbie “Cream Abdul-Jabbar” Avila Reveals The Secret To His...

ISU's superstar player took over social media this season; after getting one of the funniest nicknames from social media, he's finally telling his story.

Naysayer Says IHSAA Was Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

If the IHSAA wants to do right by the kids, the schools and the fans, canceling the season is the easy, and wrong, way out.

Hardly Your Average Joe

My lifelong pal, Joe Saddler, saved me from going to hell—and so much more.

Alicia Garceau

Garceau lives in Meridian-Kessler with her husband and daughter. She also writes for HGTV.com.