Ask Me Anything: John Stehr, Mayor

The retired WTHR-TV anchor kicks off the new year with a new job: mayor of Zionsville. He defeated Jane Burgess in the Republican primary in May and ran unopposed in November. He sat down with one of his former colleagues at WTHR to give her the scoop on what drove him into the hot seat.

Importantville: What We Learned About Mayor Pete In New Hampshire

What's happening—and what's next—at the intersection of Indiana politics and business?

Mayors On The Map

Eight Indiana mayors whose towns lie in the direct path of the solar eclipse prepare for their four minutes of fame.

Richard Lugar, A Friend Until The End

“He couldn’t hide the fact that he was the smartest person in the room. He was the opposite of ‘folksy,’ which was fine in my estimation—I have always felt ‘folksy’ was often phony, and that was a charge that could never be made against Dick Lugar.”
The pool at Rivi in August, 1961.

Diving Into Equality

Fifty years ago, The Riviera Club was sued over its discriminatory membership and guest policies. Now its a beloved summer retreat for Indy's north siders.
Pete Buttigieg and Mike Pence have a conversation while gesturing with their hands and holding coffee mugs.

Mayor Pete, Do Us A Favor Though…

Stop making us your gap-toothed straw men.

Loss Leader: Joe Hogsett and the Indianapolis Mayoral Race

Despite hauling in a record $1.4 million in contributions last year, Hogsett admits he is more nervous than he has ever been about what November may hold.

Ask Me Anything: Emily Styron, Mayor Of Zionsville

How Democrat Emily Styron won the mayor’s race in reliably Republican Zionsville.

Mayor Ballard to Lead IN Pride Parade

The first time in the parade's history that a sitting mayor has served as grand marshal.

“Mayor Pete And Me” With Adam Wren, From March 2020

In light of Pete's impending nomination, we revisit our look at his 2020 presidential campaign.