An Eastside Smoothie Shop That’s Crushing It

A glass jar of fresh fruit and a glass jar containing a pink smoothie
Smoothies from Parched

When New Palestine native Tanya Khokhar returned from a four-year stint in Long Beach, California, her goal was to open a counter-service business on Indy’s east side. The one requirement? It had to be sustainable. That’s how she came up with the idea behind Parched, a smoothie shop (with a planned backroom stage space) where drinks come out in glass jars that customers can bring back for rewards. Khokhar’s menu of refreshing elixirs is named after California cities, such as the berry-based Pasadena, and the ultra-healthy Santa Barbara that mingles strawberries and bananas with flaxseed, ginger, and the Peruvian super root maca. 9922 E. Washington St., 317-735-1977,