Best New Restaurants 2017 winner

When Cunningham Restaurant Group raised the curtain on its Latin-flavored hideaway, the place had a ready-made fan club of folks who had been following its progress since the Indianapolis company first mentioned the concept. Built in typical CRG fashion (see also: Union 50, Vida) from the bones of an unassuming downtown building with history—in this case, a former horse stable—the two-story mishmash of mood-lit dining rooms and standing-room bar areas gives off a sexy buzz that does not disappoint.

But chef Casey Frank, who came up through the Cunningham ranks, adds substance to all of that style with dreamy dishes like shrimp ceviche plated with fried plantain chips and popcorn, and a selection of flaky, hot empanadas that show off the kitchen’s flair for sauces. Tequila-soaked cocktails and an impressive roster of blancos, reposados, añejos, and mezcals keep the crowd nice and loose, and (blessedly) take the edge off of the eternal wait for one of the hottest tables in town. 720 N. College Ave., 317-383-0330,